May 11, 2008

The FA Trophy

Association Football, a curious pasttime where twenty two grown men run around a field chasing an inflated pigs bladder. I believe that it is quite popular. So popular that it seems strange that the recent clash of Torquay United and Ebbsfleet United for the FA Trophy, yet it has only been picked up by The Register. This is not just because it is a clash of teams, but on management and ownership systems. Torquay United is a traditional team, with ownership primarily being held with one man. Ebbsfleet United on the other hand is owned by his fans via the website MyFootballClub as a type of mutual. A sign of things to come? That collective private ownership can be better than individual private ownership? I don't know but then I don't know anything about football and, quite frankly, care even less.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I share your lack of enthusiasm for football, but I couldn't help wondering what goes on between the ears of many fans. There was a report today that the owner of Birmingham City is thinking of selling up because of the attacks he's receiving from the loyal fans. I've known several fans like this who don't doubt for a minute that the club that they have supported all of their life belongs (collectively) to themselves and their fellow fans. They tolerate club owners, and always turn on them when fortunes wane.

Maybe mutual ownership is just what fans need. They might then appreciate what it feels like to be responsible for investing millions into a club only to see it relegated.

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